New Management of the Port Washington Pirate Festival ~ Letter to Vendors

Letter From New Management:  



JUNE 3-5, 2016

Ahoy Potential Vendor,

I’m sending you this note, to let you know that Port Washington Pirate Festival wants you.

Port Washington Pirate Festival is under new management. It’s being run by a new Captain and crew.

We have the support of the City of Port Washington, the Port Washington Chamber of Commerce, Port Washington Tourism, and the Port Washington Marina.

We have lots of support, now we need vendors. It’s not a festival without a marketplace.

And that’s where you come in!!

I’m hoping you’ll want to join us in 2016 (that’s where the application comes in!) Most things about the festival will remain the same. But there will also be new things.

We are really excited about this new adventure and we hope you are too!


Tracy Ripple


eMail us Here


Capt. Scott

About Capt. Scott

Captain Scott Pooler is a Retired Master Mariner All Oceans Captain who is now sailing the Internet Sea. His endeavors include building websites for the likes of Pirate Festivals such as this and Pirate Krewes, additionally he works at documenting events & Pirate Parades like Gasparilla as a Foto-Pirate. His latest project (Besides this one) is the International Pirate Directory. International Pirate Directory- Be LISTED as a PIRATE or PIRATE VENDOR for FREE with the Code: Coupon Code: PlunderMeListing!

One Response to “New Management of the Port Washington Pirate Festival ~ Letter to Vendors”

  1. Julie Todd | June 26, 2016 at 11:32 AM #

    Glad that the Pirate Festival is back. The venders were curtious and knowledgeable about their wares. The same for the food venders in the food tent. The Entertainment, well, as I was not there on Friday evening, I can not say if it was good or bad. So, we will go into Saturdays enterainment. The Celtic band in the afternoon was good. The music was at the right volume level, so as to be able to here what your table mates was telling ye. The rock band at night is a different story. I suppose that some people would say that thet were good. However, their music, hard rock, was not my cup of tea, as it were. The music was way too loud and I was was setting quit a ways away. Did not enjoy that band at all. What was really missing was some good PIRATE / MARITIME bands, The Jolly Rodgers, Bounding Main, just to name few. Trash pick up, restroom facilities were good. I would rate the Fest as on overall 4 Stars out of 5 Stars.

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